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Why People are Moving to Edmond, Oklahoma

11 / 23 / 2022

North of Oklahoma City, there is a charming little suburb known as Edmond. It is quickly becoming one of the best suburban areas for retirement and places to raise a family. In fact, labeled it as one of the top 50 places to live in the country, and as one of the best 25 suburbs to retire to by Forbes.

When you look at Edmond, you’ll see why it’s of such high acclaim. Families enjoy excellent schools, large yards, and great neighborhoods. All of which they enjoy in a beautiful cared-for environment due to Edmond’s commitment to caring for its natural features. Plus, living in Edmond comes with the bonus of a comfortable cost of living.

And that’s only some of what Edmond has to offer. That’s why today we’re going to take a closer look at what you can expect from moving to Edmond, Oklahoma.


Let’s start geographically. Edmond is comfortably situated in central Oklahoma, 13 miles north of Oklahoma City. That means residents can comfortably commute to work in the city and quickly return home. As such, Edmond residents have quick and easy access to the comfort of the city with the luxury of suburban life.

Moreover, due to its location, residents are positioned to comfortably travel to many of the other great cities around the country, including a 2-hour drive to Tulsa, OK, and a 3-hour drive to Dallas, TX. So, Edmond residents have their pick of the country across the central US when they feel inclined to travel.

Scenic Parks & Public Art

Edmond has over 33 public parks, including playgrounds, walking trails, water features, and sports courts and fields. These beautiful and scenic locations are kid-friendly and perfect for families to spend some time outdoors. Plus, nearby is the beautiful Arcadia Lake for residents who enjoy fishing, camping, and even boating on beautiful lake waters.

And that’s only the parks. The town is committed to promoting public art through murals, stained glasses, and steel sculptures. This will please the art lovers that move to Edmond, but they would also be happy to know that for the last 40 years, the town has held the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival to present the works of more than 100 artists from across the country.

All of which build on the lovely architecture throughout the town to create a truly idyllic place to live.


Edmond is a remarkably safe palace to live in, with total crime being 28% below the national average and 62% below the national average for violent crime. This is part of the reason that so many people, from retirees to new families, choose to move to Edmond in the first place. It’s a quiet and safe place to put down roots.


For young people and new families alike, Edmond offers an excellent school system with one of the top school districts in the entire state of Oklahoma. Edmond has four public high schools, eight middle schools, and over 20 elementary schools, in addition to private schools and Christian academies. You’ll have no problem finding the right school for your children.  

Then for higher education, there’s not far to go. Edmond is home to the University of Central Oklahoma, one of the fastest-growing colleges in the state, as well as a major employer for the city. There are also two smaller colleges in the town: Herbert W. Armstrong College and Oklahoma Christian University.

Small-Town Atmosphere

The town of Edmond is home to approximately 95,000 residents and, despite its continued growth, maintains the distinct impression of a small town. This is because Edmond comprises of 87 square miles, giving its residents a comfortable and spacious place to explore and relax.

Plus, Edmond has many local grocery stores, shops, gyms, and other facilities to provide its residents with everything they might need.


For many people, it’s important the town they move to include plenty of entertainment for them to get out and enjoy themselves. Well, Edmond is certainly not lacking there. The area is home to several libraries, parks, YMCAs, and other organizations suited to entertain children and adults alike.

That’s not even to mention the regular seasonal festivals such as the Fourth of July festivities and the annual Downtown Edmond Arts Festival.

Then, of course, the area’s numerous high–end restaurants offer your choice of fine dining experience, while the local coffee shops at Spring Creek Plaza offer a more casual experience.  


Edmond and nearby Oklahoma city both boast vibrant and thriving economies to tempt those interested in relocating. Whether you’re looking to relocate for improved quality of life or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of suburban life, you’re sure to find work in Edmond.

Edmond boasts several businesses within Edmond itself, and the town is situated close to other growing economic sectors of the region, such as healthcare, oil, gas, and, of course, education. There’s something for everyone in every industry. Plus, it is only a short commute into downtown Oklahoma City to take advantage of the employment opportunities there.

What’s more, for those interested in starting their own business, Edmond is the place for you. The town and surrounding areas offer support for small businesses and startups alike.

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