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What to Consider When You are Moving While Expecting

12 / 28 / 2022

If you’re expecting a baby soon but are also facing a move in Oklahoma City, you may understandably worry about how you will keep yourself and your unborn baby safe throughout the process.

This is certainly a joyous time in the life of a family, but it can also be quite stressful on the mother to be – both mentally and physically. The challenges can be compounded when you have other children to look after while going through a relocation. It’s important to care for yourself even when moving, so heed these tips for staying safe throughout your OKC move.

1.    Run Things By Your Doctor

First off, talk to your doctor about the upcoming move before you pack a single box. Your doctor can let you know what’s safe and what’s not safe to lift and do as part of your impending move. This will often depend on what stage of pregnancy you’re at, and any risk factors you may be facing.

For example, you may be advised to take it easy and let others handle the physical parts of the move if you have complications such as a high risk of pre-term labor, says Parents. As a general rule, expectant mothers shouldn’t be lifting anything heavier than 18 pounds when under 20 weeks, and 13 pounds if over 20 weeks.

If you will be moving over a long distance and will need a new OB/GYN in the new city, start your search now to avoid gaps in coverage. Take this time to get your medical records transferred from one office to the next. Do your homework in finding a doctor you can trust to handle your care throughout pregnancy and beyond. Don’t forget to see what hospital your new doctor has an affiliation with.

2.    Accept Help

You’re not superwoman, even though it feels like it sometimes. If there was ever a time to accept help, now is it. Sure, you’re used to handling all the details and leg work. But remember your first job is to nurture the baby inside you. Don’t overdo it and don’t be too proud to ask for and accept help.

You won’t just need help on moving day – you will need it most in the days and weeks before it. If you have kids underfoot, ask a friend to babysit. If someone offers to bring you a meal so you can take a break, accept it gladly. You won’t always have this much help!

Try not to stay up too late packing, don’t pick up and arrange heavy boxes, and definitely don’t move furniture around. That’s what your OKC moving company is for. Let them be the muscle.

3.    Lift and Bend Correctly

You have a higher chance of hurting yourself when pregnant because you have higher levels of  relaxin in your system. This is a hormone that will loosen up your ligaments as a way to anticipate labor. That, along with your postural changes and weight gain, can make it more likely that you will strain your back or get carpal tunnel pain.

If you really need to do some of the light packing and lifting, make sure you’re lifting and bending properly. Rather than bend at the spine or lower back, bend at the knees to avoid pulling your lower back or slipping a disc.

Try this hip hinge technique:

  1. Straddle the box
  2. Bend your hips and knees, keeping a straight back
  3. Hold the box or item close to your body
  4. Lift up with your legs

It’s best to move small things with more frequency instead of hauling big boxes that can cause a lot of stress on your body or throw off your balance. Don’t be afraid to use support belts and carpal tunnel wrist splints to add stability. And definitely wear supportive shoes for better shock absorption.

4.    Pack Early

Start packing early so you’re not rushed. Allow yourself a buffer zone to take time off when you need it so you’re not stressed trying to finish everything on time. Take a lot of breaks, ideally once every half hour. Take a quick walk around, have a snack, and stretch to prevent swelling and to ensure your heart is pumping nice and strong.

5.    Declutter the House

At this stage in your pregnancy, there’s no use in moving stuff that you no longer need or that’s broken. Give yourself a break and de-clutter before you move. This will help you make way for baby and reduce your moving costs at the same time. Plus, you will be getting lots more stuff for your baby shower and you need a place to put it.

6.    Craft Lists and Timelines

So-called pregnancy brain can cloud your mind and lead to forgetfulness. It’s much easier now to lose track of what you have to do before the move. Timelines and checklists will help you stay organized so you don’t veer off course.  

7.    Pack a Moving Day Kit

Pack a bag you can use on moving day and the first day in the new digs. This way you don’t have to scrounge through all the stuff on the truck to find the essentials such as cozy pajamas, your prenatal vitamins and your slippers. Things to pack include a blanket or pillow, healthy snacks and beverages to keep up your energy, change of clothes, toiletries, toilet paper and phone charger.

8.    Be Careful on Stairs

Pregnant women are at a higher risk of falling because of their altered center of gravity. Take extra care when carrying boxes, especially up and down stairs. Always hold onto the railing and wear supportive shoes.   

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