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Professional Art and Specialty Crating Services

Custom Moving Services

Do you have treasured artwork or fragile antiques that need to be moved? Let us know.

We’ll dispatch our crew of expert art handlers and carpenters. We’ll ensure your 200-year-old cuckoo clock moves in one piece, and without damage.

What Type of Items Require Crating and Specialty Services?

Custom crating is especially important for priceless and one-of-a-kind items. Fine art, sculptures, antique furniture, collectibles, memorabilia and family heirlooms.

Special attention may be required for items that are fragile, difficult to move, or have unique storage needs. Weight, odd sizes or lengths and other dimensions are other factors to be considered.

What is Professional Crating Service?

Professional crating and packaging services may be used to package, handle, transport and sometimes store your most fragile and valuable items.

Sherpa’s art handling experts and craftsmen meticulously measure and fabricate customized crates for your prized possessions. Crates are made of the highest quality protective materials. Each custom box is secure, durable and precisely fitted with an internal structure.

Your fine art and cherished items are wrapped and fully cushioned. Packing materials are used to ensure corners and loose ends are protected from damage.

Prized items are safely packaged and protected throughout the entire moving process. Crates are made to withstand moving and transportation. Items may be stored in their crates if they are to be installed at a later date.

What Else Does Sherpa Offer?

Sherpa offers so much more than just specialty crating solutions.

In addition to professional crating and packaging, many clients choose to utilize our white glove delivery service. Expert-level white glove handling secures cherished items from door to door.

Further add-on white glove services include:

  • unpacking
  • setup and
  • professional art installation

Where Does Sherpa Moving and Storage Excel?

Our crating specialists use professional-grade materials, the highest standards for craftsmanship and expert-level attention to detail. Crates are precisely constructed to completely protect delicate and important items.

Our art handlers are professionally trained to transport your unique items from Point A to Point B with absolutely no damage.

Who We Serve

We work with individuals, Realtors, artists, art galleries, museums, private collectors, auction houses, glass blowing studios, and many more.

Find out why Sherpa Moving is the locally preferred crating company in OKC. We serve many repeat customers, professionals and families.

All of our five-star reviews speak for us. Our professional movers offer the highest quality standards, security, personalized service, friendliness, and attention to detail.

How Much is Custom Crating for Fine Art?

Each specialty moving project we do has its own unique parameters.

What is the size and weight? How fragile are your items? How far will we be going? How many professional movers will be needed for the project? Will disassembly or installation be required?

With so many questions to consider, you can see how much pricing can vary for each customer and project.

Contact us today to receive a free personalized moving quote.