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Searching for the best commercial moving company in OKC?

Is your staff expanding so quickly that your office space is bursting at the seams? Or maybe your lease is about to expire and you need to make a change. Perhaps you are moving toward an open office concept, and your space requires remodeling or renovation.

Sherpa Moving and Storage will help your team prepare for your moving date. Then, once the big day is here, we help by providing packing services. Once everything is ready to go, we'll move and relocate all of your items to your new office location.

Plus, our professional office movers disassemble and reassemble office furniture. We will coordinate with building management and IT personnel to make your office relocation as carefree as possible.

What Type of Office Equipment Does Sherpa Move?

Our seasoned team of commercial office movers are professionally trained to move all of your office equipment, inventory and supplies.

Ever try to uproot a section of cubicles? If so, you’ll know that disassembly requires careful attention. There are lots of intricate parts like track systems, hinges, bolts, partitions, shelving, wires, etc. At Sherpa, our professional office movers have extensive experience with modular systems and work stations.

Our expertly trained office furniture movers will help you relocate all of your office furniture. We move conference tables, filing cabinets, desks and cubicles, credenzas, white boards, and rolly chairs. (Yes, “rolly chairs” is a technical term.)

We will also work with your IT personnel to take care of your technical office equipment. We carefully pack, move and store computers, electronics, servers, and telephone systems.

Once everything has been delivered to your new office space, we will place everything in its new home. We also assist with cubicle reassembly, furniture installation as well as measuring and hanging artwork. You can have everything accomplished at once with our superior white glove services.


Your Sherpa moving team will provide office moving services after hours and over the weekend. We can minimize downtime, and help you make a seamless office transition. Our commercial movers will keep you up and running so your business never stops.

We also help ensure nothing gets lost in transition during your business move.  Boxes are carefully labeled and inventoried so that you can easily locate files, supplies, and equipment during and your move.

Professional-grade packing materials will protect fragile items, including equipment and artwork.


Is your office undergoing renovation? We can help you find the best storage solutions to hold items while your new office space is being prepared.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage service offerings.

Why Does Sherpa Provide the Best Commercial Office Moving Service?

As a highly rated corporate moving company, Sherpa Moving and Storage understands that preparation and organization are key factors for a successful moving experience.

When searching for commercial moving companies, make sure you choose a reputable organization who has experience with moving office equipment. Not all commercial relocation services are created equal.

Please take a look at our online reviews. Find out why Sherpa Moving and Storage is the go-to commercial office moving company.

What Type of Business Should Hire a Professional Office Moving Company?

We serve everyone from large corporations to mom and pop businesses. We also cater to schools and educational institutions, restaurants and libraries. Non-profit organizations and gyms.

No job is too big - or too small. Our expertly trained moving crew is prompt and professional. Call us today and your life gets easier!

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Time is money. Your team at Sherpa Moving and Storage is here to help. Let's work together to ensure your company has a seamless transition into your new office.

With commercial moving services, every project is unique.

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