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OKC Home Organization: How To Organize Your Home After Moving

09 / 19 / 2022

Some people think the moving part of a move is difficult. You have to figure out where to go, who to hire, what to pack, had how to pack.

In reality, unpacking and getting your home organized is even more daunting and time-consuming.

You want to ensure everything is in the right place so that you start off on the right foot in your new home. But how do you know where to put stuff? Is there a method to the madness of home organization?

And what if we told you that you could have OKC home organization done for you? Keep reading this home organization guide for tips, as well as to learn more about our services here at Sherpa Moving.

Deep Clean First

When you first move into a new place, it can be tempting to start unpacking and getting organized. But you can’t do any of that (or at least shouldn’t do any of that) until you do a deep clean first.

You should mop the floors, scrub the baseboards (especially where the furniture will go), and clean the carpets. You want to do all of this before the furniture arrives so that you don’t have to move anything.

You should open all cabinets and drawers to scrub those clean as well.

Even though this is a hassle, you will thank yourself later when everything else gets to the house.

Place the Boxes in the Correct Room 

When you move into a house, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want to go in each room. Because you know that, you can start to put the boxes in the right rooms as they come off of the truck.

To ensure this is easy, just make sure to label each box before the move.

Once the boxes are in the right room, you won’t have to be moving them all around the house after the movers are gone. You simply have to unpack and organize.

Unpack One Room at a Time

It can be tempting to open every single box as it arrives at your home. But realistically, you can’t tackle the whole home in one day.

To keep things organized and clean as you unpack, you should stick to one room at a time. As you unpack, you should also be organizing every item to go where you want it to be.

For instance, if you are unpacking for a bathroom, you should organize the drawers with the drawer organizers and place everything that goes into the shower inside the shower. You don’t want to have to reorganize after unpacking.

Pro tip: Always unpack the most important rooms first. This would be the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. You will use these the most, so unpacking them first is a must.

Additionally, you should unpack each room in a strategic manner. For instance, in the kitchen, you should unpack the food first to organize that. Then, unpack the cooking supplies and utensils. 

Set a Schedule

It can be pretty easy to arrive at your new home, start unpacking for a few days, and then get sidetracked with normal life.

However, this will just leave your house a mess and have you frustrated with the entire situation. That’s why setting a schedule is so important.

You can pick a date that you want the entire house to be unpacked. For timing purposes, you should plan for about 10 to 15 minutes for boxes with large items and about 30 minutes to an hour for boxes with smaller items.

You can take that into account for each room you have to unpack.

Always Place Furniture First

When you are unpacking, the first thing you should ‘unpack’ is the furniture. You should ensure that you place the furniture where you want it to go (and stay) so that you can organize the other items around the furniture. This also includes area rugs, door mats, etc.

Hire an Unpacking Service

If you are worried that you won’t have the time to unpack and know you certainly won’t have time to organize, it may be best for you to outsource the work to a company.

That’s where hiring a full-service moving company can come into play. Instead of hiring a moving service to move your stuff and drop it in your house, you can hire a company that will do it all for you and more!

You can expect services such as the following with an unpacking service:

  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Unpacking
  • Installation of appliances
  • Hanging of frames and other large items
  • Placement of furniture

This is great for you if you are moving alone and need help, or you simply won’t have time! 

OKC Home Organization Tips and Services

If you follow these OKC home organization tips, you will find that it is much less daunting and far less time-consuming to unpack into a new home.

You have a plan, and you can stick to it.

However, you may want to have someone else do it for you. And that’s more than okay!

At Sherpa Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on doing it all for you. We do more than just the packing and moving. We will also unpack your items and help you get your belongings into place. 

If you are dreading your move and unpacking, contact us today so we can help you with it! You can get a quote here.