Sherpa Moving & Storage

Moving Tips

Unless we are doing the packing being prepared is going to be important. Relocating is a team effort and requires synergy for things to go nice and smooth.

Sherpa Ready

  • Give yourself time to pack. Moving last minute adds to stress and also is going to leave you prone to inaccurate box counts which will bring incurred charges at the end of the move.
  • If you didn’t opt for disassembly services please have beds and any other deconstructed items ready to go. If you are taking apart furniture during the move this could potentially disrupt progress.

Spread the Love

  • Pack boxes evenly and never use large boxes for books. Not only are they too heavy they will surely collapse.
  • Emptying dresser drawers is always very helpful. Not only does it make the piece lighter for the crew it’s also less stress on your dresser while it’s being moved.

Communication and Safety are Key

  • Keep your sales person updated of inventory and logistical changes. Surprises in moving are usually nobody’s friend.
  • Put all jewelry and personal effects away separate from the inventory. This will keep your cherished possessions safe and integrity tight on both ends.

The Golden Rule

  • Most importantly sit back relax and let us handle things. After all you hired us because you trust our service. We only have your best interests in mind at all times.