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Knowing When it’s Time to Downsize For Seniors

01 / 26 / 2023

Moving is hard on lots of people, but especially so on seniors. They often have impaired mobility to deal with, as well as cognitive impairments and other reduced capabilities. They can’t lift heavy stuff, plus they often have large homes full of decades’ worth of items that need to be pared down and moved.

Then there’s the emotional component of leaving a home you’ve been in for years. If you’re a senior, or you’re the adult child of an elderly parent, you’ll want to hire a residential mover with experience in senior moves. Here’s how to know when it’s time to downsize.

Monthly Housing Expenses

CNBC says people should only be spending 30% of their monthly budget on housing expenses. If you go over that, you are considered to be “financially burdened.” Now that you’re no longer in the job market, those housing expenses may be getting out of control. And if you’re on a fixed income, the challenges can be compounded. Downsizing can connect you with a more comfortable financial arrangement.

House Poor

If you have less money left over once you pay your mortgage and other critical bills, it can be nearly impossible to enjoy your retirement years. This should be a time to travel and enjoy yourself, not be tied to a large home that you have to pay dearly to maintain.

Home Maintenance

Your arthritis may be so bad that you can’t tend to your beloved garden anymore, or you may have impaired mobility which means you can’t push the lawn mower any longer. Whatever the case, when you can’t do the chores necessary to maintain the household, it may be time to downsize.


There was probably a time long ago when your house met the needs of the chaos of raising kids from babies right on up to young adults. All the rooms were occupied and there seemed to barely be enough room for entertaining. Now that everyone’s out of the house, it may seem cavernous and unnecessary.

And if you have a hard time navigating the stairs, it’s time to consider you may need to downsize to accommodate your new lifestyle and reality.


When you first bought your house, you were likely of the same age as many of the families in the neighborhood. You all raised your kids together, had barbecues together and went through all the phases of life together. But now that same neighborhood may be turning over – perhaps for the second or third time.

Now you’re the oldest and last one left, as others have passed on or moved long ago. If you simply don’t feel the same connection to this neighborhood that you once did, it may be time to move on.

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