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How to Prep For an Office Move to OKC

10 / 07 / 2022

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If you’ve made the decision to move your office to Oklahoma City, now the planning really starts in earnest. Proper preparation is key, and part of that is hiring the right commercial movers. We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to move your whole office, so here are some helpful tips.

1.   Create a Checklist

The first step is to list an inventory so you know just what to move and each object’s condition. Make copies of the list and share it with everyone in the office.

2.    Start With Decorative Pieces

The first things to pack should be decorative items like posters, paintings, décor, and holiday decorations. Group them by box and be sure to label in detail. Wrap fragile items such as art and picture frames extra carefully with bubble wrap and paper so they make the trip unscathed.

3.    Box Up Your Books

You likely have a lot of books, journals and binders to pack. These are next to pack so be sure to pick up some sturdy boxes that can handle the weight.

4.    Organize Your Files

You probably also have many filing cabinets in offices and in common areas. Tell each employee to organize, purge and pack their own files. Encourage them to digitally preserve the newer ones. For the remaining physical files, place them in boxes and label them.

5.    Pack Up Your Desk

This should be the last to pack. Each employee can pack up their own desk, but save the heavy lifting for the movers. Advise them to declutter their desks and offices, throwing out what they no longer need so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary items.

6.    Gather Computers and Devices

Whatever you don’t need on a daily basis, pack those computers and devices. You may have to wait till just before moving day to pack your laptop, phones, and scanners. Toss or donate outdated electronics. Back up data and erase all files if donating.

Wipe off dust and debris from computers and other devices, placing cardboard cut-outs over screens and sensitive parts. Secure with packing tape.

We hope you found these office packing tips to be useful as you prep your company for a move to OKC!

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