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Why Hiring Office Movers is the Best Thing for Your Business

12 / 20 / 2022

Especially in light of COVID, many businesses are making big changes to how they operate, and moving offices is a key part of that. Moving offices can be a very exciting part of growing your business, but just like any kind of moving, it can also be fairly stressful. Having a plan in place for your office move well in advance is a must, as is having a checklist. So with that in mind, here is the perfect guide for all things related to office moving!

Consider Your Office’s Unique Needs

Moving is expensive, and you’re likely not moving just for a change of scenery, so take the time to make sure you have a good understanding of the needs of your office space. Select the right location for your business and research the surrounding area. Also, make a list of and purchase any new items you will need for your new office space. Chances are, there are some space-specific items you’ll need.

It’s also important to speak with all members of your office, not just fellow management, and get a good understanding of what their needs and wants are. Doing so will help ensure a happy move for everyone involved, as well as a harmonious workplace down the road!

Also, consider how accessible your new space is and ensure it’s up to ADA standards. Be sure to provide options for anyone in your workplace who might experience a disability or have a specialized need.

Budget Your Move Well

It’s just good planning to have a number in mind when planning your move. It doesn’t have to be an exact, concrete number; in fact, having a little flexibility in your budget will lend you more options, plus ensure you don’t accidentally go over budget if there are any surprise expenses. Remember, moving can be unpredictable!

Utilizing a spreadsheet or getting a personalized moving estimate can help you figure out everything you need and sort out any remaining logistics.

Set a Schedule for Everything

Figure out all the important moving dates ahead of time, such as the last full work day in your office and dates by which items should be packed up. Be sure to share this vital information with everyone in the office! Send out a Slack message, post up a note in common areas, or post the dates on a shared digital calendar. Doing so gives everyone time to pack up and get ready for the office move and eliminates the potential for confusion or miscommunications.

Make sure you also have a schedule for moving in too. Staying organized while you are getting your new office space set up helps save all of your team members some stress. Moving in is just as important as moving out!

Inventory Everything

This one is crucial! You absolutely must keep track of your items while moving, especially if you have sales inventory or expensive company equipment. Have a plan and system in place to label and organize all of the company’s items, as well as departments’ and individual offices’ possessions as well.


While there are probably items you need to purchase for your move, moving is also a great time to declutter and downsize by getting rid of any items that are no longer needed. Before you run everything to the dump, consider taking usable items to a local charity or thrift shop to give them a second life. Local secondhand marketplaces are another great way to let someone reuse items you no longer need.

Use a Storage Facility if Needed

Depending on your moving situation and whether or not you’re moving directly into a new place, you may also need a temporary storage facility. At Sherpa Moving & Storage, we have safe, secure storage for all of your office move needs!

Handle Any Last-Minute Cleaning

This is one of the things you might consider hiring a professional for. Doing so can ensure your old building is left in tip-top shape for the next resident. Also, moving is busy enough without having to worry about cleaning up everything and handling building maintenance, so a cleaning service is a great option.

Plan Your New Space Too

It’s also prudent to plan ahead for how you will arrange your new office space. Consider sketching a layout of your office for planning purposes or use a digital program for ideas. Websites like Pinterest can also give you ideas for your interior decor, which is very important! Your office space is one of your best opportunities to showcase a welcoming and professional space to new clients or potential employees.

Likewise, give your coworkers a heads up about what the new office space will look like. Show them pictures, send them a listing, and let them know what they can generally expect. This is a great way to get people excited about the office move and increase employee morale!

Thank Your Coworkers

It almost goes without saying, but letting your fellow workers know how much you appreciate their help with the move can go a long way toward employee satisfaction. Moving to another office is a team effort, so take the time to make sure every member of the team is feeling included. Your team members work hard; make sure they’re feeling appreciated too! It’s a time for celebrating, and everyone in your workplace certainly deserves it after a big office move.

Utilize a Moving Service

Consider hiring a trained team of professional office movers to handle your big move. The moving process creates risk — it can be a major liability to have your coworkers loading boxes and carrying heavy office furniture. It’s best to leave the actual moving process up to the professionals. They can crate up all of your furniture and other items and get them loaded in no time, allowing you to focus on handling your part of the move. Our friendly, knowledgeable moving technicians can help handle all of your office moving needs!


Change is a big part of life and a vital part of managing your business. Knowing when it is necessary to change office spaces is a more important part of being a business leader than you might think. Use this list to plan ahead for your office move. Contact our expert moving service today for a stress-free moving experience for you and your entire business!